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Svetlana Strizhakova
Russia, Moscow

I’m in love with film photography, and this submission is hybrid – party film (Mamiya 645, 120mm, fuji 400h), partly digital.
This story is about Lera and Gosha – young and beautiful couple,  about lazy sunday, which  have started from an ordinary yummy breakfast, and ended with a great suprpise for Lera.
Our photoshoot took place at cosy apartment in the center of Moscow, near Arbat street.
Gosha have prepared a little quest for Lera, at the end of this quest she’ve found Gosha with a ring and a proposal.

Decor by @kkfloral
Style by @valeriesa
Calligraphy by @vellichorart
Organization and idea @tamaragigola @wed_vibes

DSC07919 DSC07934 DSC07937 DSC08033 DSC08034 DSC08036 DSC08041 DSC08043 DSC08044 DSC08046 DSC08047 DSC08048 DSC08049 DSC08050 DSC08119 DSC08138 DSC08143 DSC08144 DSC08145 DSC08146 DSC08147 DSC08148 DSC08149 DSC08150 DSC08152 DSC08153 DSC08159 DSC08163 DSC08166 DSC08167 DSC08168 DSC08180 DSC08181 DSC08182 DSC08185 DSC08190 DSC08191 DSC08192

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