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Ferri Photography

Daniela Beddall
Ferri Photography
Northampton, England

I’m a wedding, portrait, and family photographer who loves working with natural light. I don’t use expensive studios or lighting, I use what’s readily available in our wonderful environment: open space and natural light! I see the potential in everything around me and the ability to create beautiful images within it. I love all things vintage (which you can probably tell by my work!) and am a real romantic at heart – I love people in love (after all, who wouldn’t?). I  enjoy creating soft, pastel pallets of colour in my photography composition.

I started photography two years ago after the death of my father by cancer – I wanted to follow his passion in photography; something he never fully got to do due his illness. Since buying my first camera I’ve had a passion that I’ve never had before and feel like my eyes have been opened for the first time! (Cliche I know, but very true). I often go out for long drives in the countryside (I live in a busy town and love to get out in the open space away from everything). I stumbled along these cornfields that stretched miles ahead. I loved the gentle, pastel golds and the way the light sparkled and reflected; the swish and sway as the wind made its way through the long reeds…

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