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Favorite Weekly Images (3.28 – 4.3)

Here are some of our favorite images that were shared on our wall the past couple weeks. If you would like to see your image on our blog feel free to share a favorite shot you are working on on our Facebook page.

* Please give credit to the photographer when pinning! The photographer’s name is listed above their image. *

My Three Sons Images

Karen Osdieck Photography 12049648_10154162815583489_5106936180271952826_n

Raisa Zwart Photography 12472654_10204820564828145_3422924920251599836_n

Trek and Bloom Photography Co. 12494835_10150657743579991_4579433086791228588_n

Privizzini’s Passion – My life in Art 12592601_10205019940811860_77006413122197376_n

Danielle Kilgore Photography 12801565_10156956678795556_2166017713139550340_n

Vikki Ceja 12936761_10208194344072531_530280219048492624_n

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