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Ethereal Maternity

Jaime Rogl
Jaime Rogl Photography
Abilene, Texas

When I first began maternity photography, I knew I wanted something more than just couples standing there smiling at the camera. Pregnancy is so much more than just a smile in front of the camera. It is two people who created a life with a bond that no one can see, except me. Josephine and Tony were the perfect examples of why I love documenting pregnancy and the emotional anticipation of a new mother- and father- to-be.

Josephine and Tony had a joy that is so wonderful to be around. They have smiles that radiate through everyone they come around, that is contagious and captivating. Their last few years have been focused on school and Tony’s residency, so they are joyfully welcoming their new roles and this new phase of life together as with enthusiasm.

Shot with Canon 6D and Canon 50mm L and Canon 135 L

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