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Esther Gallarday Photography

Esther Gallarday
Esther Gallarday Photography
Munster, IN

I started photography my senior year of high school and never imagined it would become a career. From the moment I picked up the camera, I couldn’t put it down and I couldn’t get the idea of capturing something for a lifetime out of my mind. I met Alyssa over coffee on a warm autumn evening and we came up with the vision for this shoot. We incorporated her and Jeff’s love of the great outdoors and their dog Rambo. We had such a great time and I’m so honored I got to work with this fabulous couple.

IMG_0057_6946 IMG_0065_6954 IMG_0068_6957 IMG_0081_6970 IMG_0100_6988 IMG_0125_7014 IMG_0145_7034 IMG_0202_7089 IMG_0229_7117 IMG_0234_7122 IMG_0235_7123 copy IMG_0278_7166 IMG_0283_7171 IMG_0287_7175 IMG_0364_7252 IMG_0391_7279 IMG_0433_7321 IMG_0480_7368 IMG_0502_7390 IMG_0515_7404 IMG_0522_7411 IMG_0533_7421 IMG_0537_7425 IMG_0549_7436 IMG_0586_7474 IMG_0688_7576 IMG_0735_7623 IMG_0776_7662 IMG_0787_7673 IMG_0884_7769 IMG_0938_7821 IMG_0961_7844 IMG_0990_7872

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