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Erin’s Attic Photography

Erin Bankston
Erin’s Attic Photography
Acworth, GA

I have been a photographer for two and a half years in Acworth, Georgia.  I have three kids who have a love/hate relationship with my camera, but I’m sure it’s that way with most photographers’ kids.
This session in particular was an impromptu session, when it started snowing without warning in Blue Ridge, GA.  My kids had no coordinating outfits, but I knew I had to capture something fast, as this just does not happen in GA that often!  I found a blanket, wrapped it around them, and went to town shooting!  Even our dog got to join in on the action.  They turned out much better than I expected (given the outfit situation and one cranky kid) and now these shots adorn my walls in the winter time.

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