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Erin Morrison Photography

Erin Morrison
Erin Morrison Photography
Knoxville, TN

My name is Erin Morrison and I am a lifestyle, natural light photographer based in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I am originally from a small town in northern Illinois, so it was no surprise to my husband that I was screaming to get out in the snow a while ago. Better yet, to photograph a couple out in the snow. When I awoke to a winter wonderland on February 27, I put the word out on Facebook that I was in search of a newly engaged or newly wed couple that would like some winter snow photos, and Katie & Bill responded.  They trekked across the snow-covered roads to meet me at the Lonas-Dowell House. This old, remodeled home has a wonderful public greenway that runs along the property.  The greenway led us to large evergreens, a small creek with an old boat house, and a great open field full of new snow – the perfect place for a snowball fight! I’m pretty sure that Bill was a pitcher at one point in his life; he has a mean follow-through!

EMP_3642 EMP_3664 EMP_3685 EMP_3697 EMP_3768 EMP_3781 EMP_3791 EMP_3807 EMP_3826 EMP_3833 EMP_3845 EMP_3861 EMP_3870 EMP_3878 EMP_3944 EMP_3973 EMP_3995 EMP_4005 EMP_4006 EMP_4047 EMP_4048 EMP_4066 EMP_4072 EMP_4082 EMP_4090 EMP_4101 EMP_4107

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