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Erin Hensley Photography

Erin Hensley
Erin Hensley Photography
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I am a lifestyle photographer living in Abu Dhabi. I have a passion for capturing the details in life, especially when it comes to my children. I love taking every day, mundane things and making them shine. While I do not currently take sessions, I am looking forward to doing so in the future and am thoroughly enjoying capturing my own littles every day.

On Thursday last week we decided to pack up our beach stuff and head out to the Corniche Beach. We took a 25 minute taxi ride out there on what was a gorgeous day and even better – the beaches were not crowded. We get up to the booth to pay (most beaches here are not free) and find out that the beaches are closed for swimming until further notice.
What??!!! Why are they closed? I didn’t ask, we just walked away and I decided we’d go get some ice cream to cheer us up. We noticed there were people laying out on the beach any way, just that no one was getting in the water. So we figured we’d at least go play in the sand. The kids of course couldn’t stay away from the water completely and I figured it was fine if they went up to their ankles to fill their buckets up with water. A man then came up to us and told us there were sting rays near by so that was why no swimming was allowed.
Sting rays? Well, obviously the photographer in me hoped we’d see one so I could try to get a picture. But we didn’t see them. An hour or so later they finally opened swimming back up so we got to do some swimming after all. :)

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