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Emily Margaret Photography

Emily Margaret Okerson
Emily Margaret Photography
Paducah, KY

I’m Emily, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based out of the western Kentucky area. I love creating images that honestly tell a story about the people I photograph. This is an engagement session I shot recently for two friends of mine, whose love story I’ve had the privilege of watching grow over the last year. I hope these photos show how much they truly love each other and enjoy having fun together!

EmilyMargaretIMG_1071 EmilyMargaretIMG_1076 EmilyMargaretIMG_1085 EmilyMargaretIMG_1088 EmilyMargaretIMG_1113 EmilyMargaretIMG_1140 EmilyMargaretIMG_1166 EmilyMargaretIMG_1169 EmilyMargaretIMG_1179 EmilyMargaretIMG_1181 EmilyMargaretIMG_1229 EmilyMargaretIMG_1269 EmilyMargaretIMG_1282 EmilyMargaretIMG_1323 EmilyMargaretIMG_1325 EmilyMargaretIMG_1336 EmilyMargaretIMG_1348 EmilyMargaretIMG_1378 EmilyMargaretIMG_1404 EmilyMargaretIMG_1421

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