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Emily MacCabe Photography

Emily MacCabe
Emily MacCabe Photography
Wilton, Maine

I’m an adventurous photographer from the western mountains of Maine who loves to create images of human connection. Chris and Olivia live in the northern most part of Maine on the Canadian border. They work together at a local hospital and share a passion for fly fishing and the Maine outdoors. We spent a gorgeous evening together on the Fish River in Fort Kent, Maine. Their love for one another is so infectious and resulted in some really gorgeous and unique photographs that I would love to share!

EQM_0483 EQM_0488 EQM_0505 EQM_0515 EQM_0522 EQM_0544 EQM_0545 EQM_0546-2 EQM_0552-2 EQM_0565 EQM_0566 EQM_0592-2 EQM_0616-2 EQM_0689-2 EQM_0703-2 EQM_0725-2 EQM_0735-2 EQM_0739-2 EQM_0753 EQM_0769-2 EQM_0801-2 EQM_0812 EQM_0832-2 EQM_0840-2 EQM_0874 EQM_0885 EQM_0898 EQM_0902-2 EQM_0921 EQM_0932 EQM_0958 EQM_1005 EQM_1022 EQM_1067 EQM_1097 EQM_1133 EQM_1179

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