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Elysian Creative Studio & Photography

Loren Ferguson
Elysian Creative Studio & Photography
Houston, TX

My name is Loren Ferguson and I’m the owner of Elysian Creative Studio & Photography. I have been in wedding photography [shooting with Mustard Seed Photography] for over two years and now have decided to start my own portrait photography focusing on creative styled sessions in Houston, TX. I also run a design studio and fun blog in my spare time. My client and friend, Caylee, wanted to remember all of the sweet moments with her step-daughter. Little girls grow up way too fast! I wanted to embrace her imagination with a tea party fit for a princess. She loved it so much we could hardly get her up from the table after the session! I loved capturing all of the precious giggles and special moments between a mother and daughter.

Caylee_02 Caylee_05 Caylee_06 Caylee_09 Caylee_10 Caylee_11 Caylee_12 Caylee_14 Caylee_16 Caylee_17 Caylee_19 Caylee_21 Caylee_22 Caylee_23 Caylee_26 Caylee_28 Caylee_29 Caylee_30 Caylee_32 Caylee_36 Caylee_37 Caylee_39 Caylee_40 Caylee_42 Caylee_44

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