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Eline Visscher Photography

Eline Visscher
Eline Visscher Photography
Boskoop, the Netherlands

I’m Eline, a natural light and lifestyle photographer from the Netherlands. I love to capture baby’s and little family’s!

I met Ted’s sister, only a few months old, when I came home to photograph the little family. When Ted was born, his parents asked me again :)) This family is so sweet, it’s always a pleasure to meet them :))

ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-1 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-2 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-3 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-4 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-5 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-6 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-7 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-8 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-9 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-10 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-11 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-12 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-13 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-14 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-15 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-16 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-17 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-19 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-20 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-21 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-23 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-26 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-27 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-29 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-30 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-31 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-32 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-34 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-36 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-37 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-38 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-39 ElineVisscherPhotography - BabyTed-40

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