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Elias Kordelakos Photography

Elias Kordelakos
Elias Kordelakos Photography
Athens, Greece

Maternity sessions are not usual in Greece, as a lot of soon-to-be moms have not yet accustomed themselves to this beautiful idea, so “practicing” is hard. This couple though Tom & Kylene are only a half greeks so I had the chance to do my first maternity session and LOVED it! I hope you like the images as well!

Kylene+Thomas-1 Kylene+Thomas-2 Kylene+Thomas-3 Kylene+Thomas-3b Kylene+Thomas-4 Kylene+Thomas-5 Kylene+Thomas-6 Kylene+Thomas-7 Kylene+Thomas-8 Kylene+Thomas-9 Kylene+Thomas-10 Kylene+Thomas-11 Kylene+Thomas-12 Kylene+Thomas-13 Kylene+Thomas-14 Kylene+Thomas-15

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