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Design Aglow – Frame Shop For Photographers

Design Aglow Launches First-Of-A-Kind Frame Shop For Professional Photographers

A modern, clean-lined frame collection designed to increase studio sales by 30%

Launching August 2013, the Design Aglow Frame Shop will offer professional photographers modern framing
solutions designed to increase the value of boutique studios, and clients’ walls. With simple solutions,
photographers can now enhance their photography with gallery-quality, California-made frames, and promote
a full-service shopping experience to clients– providing photographers with an opportunity to earn additional revenue with every sale.

*Photographs courtesy of Elizabeth Messina.

We think our frames are so lovely that they sell themselves, but the Design Aglow Frame Shop is invested in
helping studios market and promote framing for their clients.” – Lena Hyde

Sourced in an exclusive partnership with our manufacturer with 35+ years of experience, the complete line of
frames spans an array of sizes and finishes, and unique sizes and options exclusive to Design Aglow, such as
storyboard frames and Grab & Go Wall Gallery Collections. The frame line’s pricing structure allows studios to
set their own price points, while a robust online collection of sales and marketing resources offers helpful
suggestions, flexible templates, and best practices for incorporating frames into photographers’ product
lineups. Since 2006, Design Aglow has mastered a signature blend of style, simplicity, and ease that has made
us an industry leader in education and tools for the success of professional photographers. The Design Aglow
Frame Shop reflects those same values, offering a product that is as beautiful as it is revenue-boosting.

About Design Aglow

Since 2006, Design Aglow has been the premier online resource for information and products created for the
success of professional portrait and wedding photographers. At Design Aglow, photographers will always
find a fresh collection of resources, including studio success guides, Photoshop and InDesign actions and
templates, stunning articles, turn-key selling kits, heirloom products, intelligent marketing tools, and instant
solutions for the boutique photo studio. Their products are always original and we are recognized for setting
the highest standards in the industry.

(click the image above to sign up)

For further information about the Design Aglow Frame Shop, please contact:
Danna Torres
PHONE: 561-366-1206
TWITTER: @designaglow

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