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Desert Maternity Session

Lynette Benham
Hovering Heart Photography
The Glamis Sand Dunes

This was such a fun and creative shoot for me. I’ve always dreamed of shooting a maternity session in the sand dunes. The openness and lighting is stunning and adding an even more beautiful mama with some simple flowy dress was a vision of mine.

Words from Mama: “As I sit back and reflect on my journey this pregnancy, there are so many emotions that surface. This was my second pregnancy. My first was a complete breeze, and I was extremely lucky. I honestly enjoyed every moment of being pregnant with my son. It was so magical watching my body transform and grow a tiny human. This pregnancy did not go the same as the first. I dealt with a lot of nausea.; most things made me nauseous. The migraines that were unbearable. They came every single day and were like something I have never experienced. I normally like to have control of certain situations that happen in my life, but I felt completely out of my own body and everything happening was purely out of my control. I really struggled with that for the first two trimesters, which put my emotions at an all time high. I was constantly challenged to balance my normal life by being a great mom to my toddler and also take care of my body as it was going through this transition. There were so many days I had to trust in myself, my body, and the process and believe that all this is happening for the most amazing reason and that I could handle it! As my third trimester rolled around, I finally started to get my energy back and feel like myself again! I was able to truly step back and enjoy how beautiful it was to grow this baby. Although my pregnancies were very different, they were both just as wonderful and special to me. It is so important to embrace your changing body, and this experience ultimately made me appreciate myself and what I am able to endure. These photos will forever remind me of just that. You are only pregnant for such short amounts of time in your life so take in every high and every low and every fluttery kick and hiccup because before you know it your sweet bundle of joy will be here. That 9 months, although tough at times, is so beautiful and is the closest you will ever be to your child. I am currently going into my 38th week, and I am so thankful to still have this baby inside me growing and kicking away. Pregnancy is such a blessing and should never be taken for granted. Even on days that I wanted to give up, I reminded myself that this baby chose me, and I need this little soul just as much as it needs me.”

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