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Dearest Someday Photography

Jennifer Johner
Dearest Someday Photography
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

This shoot was kind of a spur of the moment, go with the flow, inspiration has hit, must get it captured kind of shoot!  The best kind.  One of our very favourite books is “This Moose Belongs to Me” by Oliver Jeffers.  It is about a little boy and a moose.  I wanted this shoot to be loosely inspired by it.  Of course we didn’t have a real moose to work with, but we did the best we could!  We found a location that represented the cover of the book, down by a river.  This session was all about being a boy and capturing the things they love to do: climb fallen trees, read books, throw rocks, be in nature.  Boy stuff, with a moose, of course!  To me, this kind of session can be an amazing way to cherish a memory of a favourite childhood book.  What better way than to become part of it, if only for an hour or two?  I love looking for inspiration all around in everyday life.  I am lucky enough to have the beautiful countryside of northern Alberta as a backdrop, so I am constantly out looking for the next perfect location for an inspired shoot!

moose_1 moose_2 moose_3 moose_4 moose_5 moose_6 moose_7 moose_8 moose_9 moose_10 moose_11 moose_12 moose_13 moose_14 moose_15 moose_16

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