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Danielle Krause Photography

Danielle Krause
Danielle Krause Photography
Portland, Oregon

I’m Danielle… a natural light and on location photographer located in Portland, Oregon.  At an early age fell in love with photography as a way to capture the beauty that I see in every day life and in human connections.  I love living in such a beautiful state with so many gorgeous backdrops, beaches, parks and all the amazing bridges Portland has to offer.  This session was shot at Cathedral Park under the St. John’s bridge.  I photographed this adorable family once before.  They were so much fun so when I heard back from them I was honored and excited.  They chose this location because they are about to move out of state and wanted to capture a “Portland” feel.  I think we nailed it!

2016-06-05_0001 2016-06-05_0002 2016-06-05_0003 2016-06-05_0004 2016-06-05_0005 2016-06-05_0006 2016-06-05_0007 2016-06-05_0008 2016-06-05_0009 2016-06-05_0010 2016-06-05_0011 2016-06-05_0012 2016-06-05_0013 2016-06-05_0014 2016-06-05_0015 2016-06-05_0016 2016-06-05_0017 2016-06-05_0018 2016-06-05_0019 2016-06-05_0020 2016-06-05_0021 2016-06-05_0022 2016-06-05_0023 2016-06-05_0024 2016-06-05_0025 2016-06-05_0026 2016-06-05_0027 2016-06-05_0028 2016-06-05_0029

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