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Danielle Guyder Photography

Danielle Guyder
Danielle Guyder Photography
Chicago, IL

This session took place in the suburbs of Boston (where I am originally from), in a park void of traffic and street noise, where you can enjoy quiet moments and remove yourself from the everyday. As a student, mom, autistic therapist, soon-to-be wife, the list goes on, these moments together are few and far between. I was honored to have been able to step back and capture their sweet interaction.

I believe in printed products and taking your photos off of the screen and into the home of those who are in them. I create art so it can be enjoyed everyday on walls and coffee tables, and sorted with your hands. To relive those moments you had and remember how you felt long after they pass.

DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-1 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-3 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-4 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-5 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-7 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-8 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-9 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-10 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-11 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-12 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-13 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-17 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-18 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-19 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-20 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-22 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-23 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-24 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-26 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-27 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-28 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-29 DanielleGuyder_20150928_L&L-30

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