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Crystal Cofie Photography

Crystal Cofie
Crystal Cofie Photography
Charlotte, NC

So, this is my first time jumping into a submission, and I have to talk about myself. I’ll start from my elementary days, particularly fifth grade. If I submitted my 1993 yearbook, you’d see me in the Superlative section with my pants unzipped and a hula hoop around my neck. Yeah, that’s me. You’d also see the title “Funniest.”

Fast forward to the last year of middle school, 8th grade yearbook. There I am under “Most Talkative” and “Class Clown.” Welp, what would you think if you looked into my 2001 high school senior yearbook? Oh yeah, there’s a pretty picture of me using the Men’s room with the same ole special title “Funniest.”

That’s me: funny. I promise I don’t try to be funny, it just comes naturally. I mean, who doesn’t love to laugh? I can’t take myself too seriously. I take that sense of humor with me on my sessions. I’m not afraid to play a little Taylor Swift and shake my booty all around my subjects, all while snapping away. However, with the session that I’m submitting, I was quite calm. Just as calm as my model, in fact.

See, I had “Back 2 School” mini sessions coming up, and I needed a model for my promotional images. I know this little girl’s mother and I know they desperately want photos taken, but I also know it would be a financial stretch. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I decided to call my neighbor and asked to use her daughter. They were both extremely happy campers.

She is far from the 5th grader I was. She likes to think before she talks and keeps a quiet demeanor. I did something different with this session. I explained to her, while photographing, how photography is all about trapping light (at least for me). Manipulating it, getting it to “bend.” She really soaked it all in, because the very next day I got a message from her mother about how that little girl went to our local library to check out books on photography.

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