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Colorvale – The Photographer’s Planner & More

Business Necessity for Photographers

Running your photography business entails much more than just taking pretty pictures. You are in charge of all of the aspects of running your own business, from being the CEO (a.k.a. mom) to the accountant to the marketing director, you do it all. Chances are it all blends together and you’re left with a sticky note addiction and not enough sleep. Starting today, take control of your business and your life! Colorvale has developed organizational tools that encompasses your entire day-today tasks and the nitty-gritty of running a business. Colorvale is built on the premise of helping photographers get organized. Whether you are just starting out and don’t know where to start or you have been doing this for years and want more work/life balance, these tools are for you.


A Photographer’s Planner – Plan to Succeed

The Photographer’s Planner is not just a luxury, it is a necessary business tool. Organize your sessions, editing, marketing, goals, and beyond. Pretty on the outside but a powerhouse on the inside, this planner can do all that! You don’t even have to wait for the New Year, the months are not labeled so you can dive in anytime. We built the framework for you to customize to your needs.

We did the work so you can get started right away. Professionally printed and bound so you don’t have to worry about wasting time and money printing out pages (or running out of ink half-way through). Stay organized by tracking monthly events, a client & business workflow chart, sales, expenses, daily activity, blogging, giveaways, ordering, editing, sales, taxes, and more! Using the tab system to quickly move around to each month. This book was designed with quality in mind.


Made specifically for Photographers

Keep track of the who, what, when, where, and why of your business with these notepads made specifically for photographers. Track mini-sessions (payments, times, etc.), complete client orders, or use the session checklist so you bring everything you need to make the session successful. Sitting on your desk or in the folder of your planner, these notepads come in handy and help keep you organized. Mini-session season is coming and now you can easily track all the not so mini details that go along with them. Professional customer ordering forms that can double as an invoice or you can use them as a receipt. Use the session checklist so you never leave for a session without important gear or necessities again.


A Little Black Book – Client Workflow & Session Organizer

You love your clients, but sometimes keeping track of all their names, numbers, kid’s names, wants, needs, likes, dates, and…well it can get overwhelming. Throw out the sticky-note and coffee stained napkin system and get all your client information in one place. Colorvale developed A Little Black Book – Client Workflow & Session Organizer to manage it all for you! This will be the hottest tool in your toolbox for organization, time management, and customer care. Get to know new clients, plan their session, track your entire workflow, and record details (like the discount you applied to their prints, the actions used to give a uniform look, and what their favorite products were). Then, use all of it to impress return customers with how much you remember about them and their session.


We want you to succeed – We just want you to do it in an organized fashion!

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