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Coastal Cactus Photography

Anthony and Britnee Johnson
Coastal Cactus Photography
Oceanside, CA

We truly believe there is something spiritual to taking a photograph. Being able to seize forever faded moments, that flow further into the ocean or remembrance, but are captured for a lifetime… is utterly mind blowing. Our goal is to not only tell your story as true and beautifully as possible; but to tell it over again in new ways through lifelong friendship.

We first met Leena and Brielle when they were only 2 years old! Now, big girls celebrating their fifth birthday; they wanted their very own grown up fashion shoot in the desert! So, obviously we gave them their wish and headed to Santa Rosa Plateau in Murrieta, CA with their mama Jessica. All we had to do was point, reflect and shoot. The rest is pure incandescent magic emanating from these two amazing littles.

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