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Cluney Photo

Mark Cluney
Cluney Photo
Missoula, MT

My name is Mark Cluney and I’m a photographer based in Missoula, Montana.  My wife and I primarily photograph weddings, but we do take on a few senior portrait sessions each year, as well.  This was one of my favorites from this year.  This senior had a great sense of style and I wanted that to show in her photos.  I took a more fashion-oriented approach than a typical senior session, directing her similar to the way I would a model and using different lighting and compositional techniques.  I was extremely happy with the results.

CluneyPhoto-L&L-1 CluneyPhoto-L&L-2 CluneyPhoto-L&L-3 CluneyPhoto-L&L-4 CluneyPhoto-L&L-5 CluneyPhoto-L&L-6 CluneyPhoto-L&L-7 CluneyPhoto-L&L-8 CluneyPhoto-L&L-9 CluneyPhoto-L&L-10 CluneyPhoto-L&L-11 CluneyPhoto-L&L-12 CluneyPhoto-L&L-13 CluneyPhoto-L&L-14 CluneyPhoto-L&L-15 CluneyPhoto-L&L-16 CluneyPhoto-L&L-17 CluneyPhoto-L&L-18 CluneyPhoto-L&L-19 CluneyPhoto-L&L-20 CluneyPhoto-L&L-21 CluneyPhoto-L&L-22 CluneyPhoto-L&L-23 CluneyPhoto-L&L-24 CluneyPhoto-L&L-25 CluneyPhoto-L&L-26 CluneyPhoto-L&L-27 CluneyPhoto-L&L-28 CluneyPhoto-L&L-29 CluneyPhoto-L&L-30 CluneyPhoto-L&L-31 CluneyPhoto-L&L-32 CluneyPhoto-L&L-33

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