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Clara Bella Photography

Claire Anderson
Clara Bella Photography
Palm Beach, FL

Hello! My name is Claire Anderson and I am the owner of Clara Bella Photography located in Dallas, Texas (my hometown) and Palm Beach, Florida (my current town!). We specialize in beautiful and timeless senior portraiture with a niche for dreamy lighting.

Where do I begin with the stunning and equally sweet Lacey?! She is one of my Clara Bella Senior models this year, as well as a real-life model when she’s not in school. Needless to say she was a natural in front of the camera! When she told me she wanted to come all the way to Los Angeles from Arkansas for her senior pictures I knew it was going to be something special! We started off in the vibrant and colorful Santa Monica, and ended at the breathtaking El Matador in Malibu. I absolutely LOVED the variety of both outfits and locations we chose for her session. It truly was a dream shoot! Both this session and Lacey will always hold a special place in my heart because it was also my last shoot as a Californian. I literally moved across the country the very next day! Looking over these photos reminds me how grateful I am that I get to do what I love in such amazing locations and settings. I truly feel like I have the best job ever!

ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-1 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-2 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-3 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-4 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-5 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-6 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-7 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-8 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-9 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-10 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-11 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-12 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-13 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-14 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-15 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-16 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-17 ClaraBellaPhotography_Lacey-18

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