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Christy Wells Photography

Christy Wells
Christy Wells Photography
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My name is Christy Wells and I’m a photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. I specialize in newborn and family portrait photography. It was through a combination of my marketing background and a passion for photography that almost six years ago Christy Wells Photography was born. My love of babies and watching them grow over the years is what led me to specialize in both newborns and families. Baby Elise was one of my newborns not that long ago. It was so amazing to see her with her family again when she was nine months. Everything was so incredibly perfect about this session. A warm evening with gorgeous golden light, a happy baby, and stunning mom and dad. As a photographer you can’t ask for much more.

Christy-Wells-Photography-H-1 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-2 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-3 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-4 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-5 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-6 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-7 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-8 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-9 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-10 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-11 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-12 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-13 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-14 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-15 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-16 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-17 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-18 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-19 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-20 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-21 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-22 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-23 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-24 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-25 Christy-Wells-Photography-H-26

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