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Christina Skinner Photography

Christina Skinner
Christina Skinner Photography
Orange County, CA

This was my last session of the year and probably my quickest. The momma never had pictures taken of her baby boy and wanted some lifestyle shots while he was still little, along with some images she could use for her Christmas card. We stayed in this one room of her house and the boys had a blast loving on each other. I never had such a cooperative and smiley 3 year old before! When they paused for a nursing break and a lolly pop for big brother I just kept on shooting. This was shot in natural light using a 50mm 1.4 and Canon 5D camera.

I am a mommy to a 3 year old girl, 18 month old boy, and expecting our third in July. Like many, my passion for photography grew when I had children and my personal 52 week projects have made me fall in love with lifestyle photography. I love emotional and timeless imagery that speaks of real life. It’s not unusual to find me carrying my camera with me on our errands and I’m not at all embarassed to squat in the middle of a store to get a cute shot. While the beautiful portraits are wonderful to have I want parents to have great pictures of their kids just as they were at that time, full of personality and silliness.

L&L 33 L&L 32 L&L 31 L&L 30 L&L 29 L&L 28 L&L 27 L&L 26 L&L 25 L&L 24 L&L 23 L&L 22 L&L 21 L&L 20 L&L 19 L&L 18 L&L 17 L&L 16 L&L 15 L&L 14 L&L 13 L&L 12 L&L 11 L&L 10 L&L 09 L&L 08 L&L 07 L&L 06 L&L 05 L&L 04 L&L 03 L&L 02 L&L 01

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