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Christina Forbes Photography

Christina Forbes
Christina Forbes Photography
Hertford, NC

I’m a natural light photographer based in northeast North Carolina. I started out carrying camera bags for my best friend at weddings, then started shooting on my own. I have been shooting professionally for two years. I’ve been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people and to have been a part of their special moments. One of my most favorite things about my photography is my BeBe Collections. I enjoy getting to follow mom and baby from maternity to the first birthday.

Paige and Hailey’s cherry blossom session is just one my favorites from their collection. One of my most favorite things when working with Paige is that she is very detailed and always puts so much effort into styling her own sessions. I love how we have used lace from her wedding in every session, whether it was used as a dress or a bow for a rocking horse.

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