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Christina Block Photography

Christina Block
Christina Block Photography
Jacksonville, FL

Shooting in black and white is one of my passions; as well as lifestyle photography. Anytime I meet someone that I feel like would make a good subject, I oftentimes ask to shoot them. This is Jesse, he is also a photographer and has second shot for me in the past. He is also a musician, his band is called Fort Stories. This shoot took place at his home. I always like to shoot in the subject’s natural environment (if possible) because people tend to feel more at ease and relaxed. I have a thing for portraiture and capturing the subject’s spirit more than capturing a smiling face. Anyhow, I was more than pleased with this shoot and thought it was too beautiful not to share.

Owner of Christina Block Photography, Christina resides in the San Marco area located in Jacksonville, Florida and is a mom to her precious son, Asher. Her love for photography started over 10 years ago while taking a film course at a local community college. For many years she did street work with her Canon A-1 in hand and rolls of black and white film. Film and the dark room are still her strongest passions. Christina has successfully been running her photography business for over three years now, where her concentration is in portraiture, lifestyle, commercial work, and intimate weddings. Her son and life’s simple moments are by far what she holds dearest to her heart.

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