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Chelsea Peterson Photography

Chelsea Peterson
Chelsea Peterson Photography
Salt Lake City, UT

I am a senior photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am all about having fun; my seniors and I listen to music, dance, you name it.  I would describe my style as rich and vivid. Baylee is a gorgeous girl and we have so much fun together driving all over; from the beautiful Utah mountain light to a hill over looking the city lights at night.

I strive to make young women feel amazing and to view themselves the way others view them. Girls are so hard on themselves and I hope to help them see the beauty that I see when I take their picture.

Shot with: Canon 5dMarkIII, 28mm, 70-200mm, 24-70mm.

Baylee_Senior_2015_01 Baylee_Senior_2015_03 Baylee_Senior_2015_05 Baylee_Senior_2015_07 Baylee_Senior_2015_09 Baylee_Senior_2015_11 Baylee_Senior_2015_13 Baylee_Senior_2015_17 Baylee_Senior_2015_19 Baylee_Senior_2015_23 Baylee_Senior_2015_25 Baylee_Senior_2015_27 Baylee_Senior_2015_29 Baylee_Senior_2015_31 Baylee_Senior_2015_33 Baylee_Senior_2015_35 Baylee_Senior_2015_41 Baylee_Senior_2015_43 Baylee_Senior_2015_47 Baylee_Senior_2015_49 Baylee_Senior_2015_51 Baylee_Senior_2015_53 Baylee_Senior_2015_55 Baylee_Senior_2015_57

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