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Caroline Madsen Photography

Caroline Madsen
Caroline Madsen Photography
Great Falls, Montana

My name is Caroline Madsen and I am a mostly self taught, natural light photographer working in and around the city of Great Falls, Montana. My great love and passion is high school senior photography, but I also shoot families, engagements, children, and newborns on occasion. I have loved photography since I was a teenager growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s, plastering fashion spreads from W Magazine all over my bedroom walls. I went on to work in the fashion industry in Milan, Italy for several years and then lived in Paris, France before coming to Montana where I met my husband Bruce and settled down to start a family! Only after I had children of my own in the mid 1990s did I start to take photography more seriously.

This session is very special to me because it is of my very own senior, my son Owen. After spending the last several years avoiding my lens altogether, he agreed to let me shoot his senior session. We went out to some property we own not far from town, revved up our old Chevy Suburban that he and his father have used to go bird hunting since he was a little boy, and had a great time shooting in the beautiful Montana outdoors. My favorite shots are those in between moments when he thought I was messing with settings or recomposing. Those moments that capture the expressions that make him our handsome, funny, and smart Owen.

This session holds a special place in my heart and I hope you enjoy it!

Owen-1 Owen-4 Owen-15 Owen-19 Owen-23 Owen-25 Owen-26 Owen-31 Owen-36 Owen-37 Owen-38 Owen-45 Owen-48 Owen-58 Owen-66 Owen-72 Owen-75 Owen-79 Owen-81 Owen-83 Owen-102 Owen-105 Owen-108 Owen-113 Owen-114 Owen-118

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