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Carito Photography

Carolin Voelker
Carito Photography
Munich, Germany
The moment I googled images of Gran Canaria for the first time, I knew right away that I had to shoot in the Dunas de Maspalomas. Formed from sand from the bottom of the ocean, these dunes are a natural phenomenon and completely atypical to the rest of the island’s nature… simply an eerie and stunningly beautiful place. My vision was to focus on the vastness of the space, on the feeling of solitude in this landscape, on being just a small grain of sand among so many others. To me, this feeling is strongest in the early morning hours and I couldn’t be luckier that Carla was willing to get up at 4 am for her session. The struggle was all worth it and both Carla and me are in love with the results. Doesn’t it make you want to go on an adventure, too?

Carito Photography offers wedding photography as well as portraiture to clients in Munich, Germany as well as the rest of Europe. Being able to combine capturing people during their most precious moments with a good dose of travel & adventure to create something special is what drives Carolin and makes her love this job so much.



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