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Captured by Katrina Photography

Katrina Bartlam
Captured by Katrina Photography
Gloucestershire, UK

I am a lover of beauty and light and my photos reflect this.This wasn’t actually a paid for family session. It was just one of those beautiful winters evenings where the light was so beautiful, the fields behind us where turning yellow as the season turned, the bushes were full of blackberries and the only thing to do was grab the children, the dog and my camera and spend the afternoon outdoors. We wandered through fields, blew the seeds off dandelions and picked blackberries till our stomachs were full. We stopped off to see our good friends and help feed their chickens and let the children play. This whole session to me is what childhood is about, being free, finding beauty in the simplest of things, having a connection to nature, an empathy with animals and other humans and getting the greatest pleasure from all that surrounds us in mother nature

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