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Captured by BC

Bonnie Craig
Captured by BC
Yuma, AZ

Hello world! I’m Bonnie, mama to a wild two year old and wife of a Marine. Children, families, maternity, and recently newborns have my heart and are my absolute favorites to photograph. Military life is what brings us to Yuma, Arizona, as we are originally from South Florida. Everyone assumes that this little middle of the desert town is nothing but cactus and lots of dirt, but it really is quite beautiful in certain areas. The lovely model you see in these photos is Kristen Kahne, also the wife of a Marine. A handful of these were taken with my new Lensbaby 2.0 and creative aperture kit, which I think I’m pretty much in love with now. This was a personal project we worked on together to style and execute, and we are over the moon with our results. The light we were working with was nothing short of amazing and I really could not have asked for a more perfect evening of shooting! Well, we maybe could have done without the 120 degree heat.. ;)

KristenCBC-1 KristenCBC-2 KristenCBC-3 KristenCBC-4 KristenCBC-5 KristenCBC-6 KristenCBC-7 KristenCBC-8 KristenCBC-9 KristenCBC-10 KristenCBC-11 KristenCBC-12 KristenCBC-13 KristenCBC-14 KristenCBC-15 KristenCBC-16 KristenCBC-17 KristenCBC-18 KristenCBC-19 KristenCBC-20 KristenCBC-22 KristenCBC-23 KristenCBC-24 KristenCBC-25 Kristen-26skyreplacement KristenCBC-27 KristenCBC-28 KristenCBC-29

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