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By Shea Photography

Shea Wright
By Shea Photography
Clarksville, TN

Hi! This is from a recent maternity session. A stunning and precious family expecting their second child. We shot most of the images with a lifestyle look and feel, in my studio/home. I love the soft romantic results.

I have been a professional photographer for seven years, shooting primarily weddings, lifestyle portrait sessions, and boudoir. My background is graphic design, so I moved from being an art director of a local magazine to full time photographer. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography. My passion is to capture true emotion and create family heirloom keepsakes.

byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-001 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-002 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-003 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-004 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-005 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-006 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-007 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-008 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-009 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-010 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-011 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-012 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-013 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-014 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-015 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-016 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-017 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-018 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-019 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-020 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-021 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-022 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-023 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-024 byshea-fleming-maternity-LL-025

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