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Brittany Photographs

Brittany Shope
Brittany Photographs
Athens, TN

I started shooting this past April and haven’t stopped since. I started out doing creative portraiture sessions of my friends and by September had left my corporate public relations job to pursue creative portraiture and fine art photography full-time. My work is heavily inspired by music, films, and my life experiences. I did client shoots non-stop toward the end of 2014 and am hoping to spend the beginning of 2015 doing more personal work and improving my shooting and editing styles. This session I’m sharing is my first shoot of 2015. This is definitely my favorite couples shoot to date. I’m looking forward to lots of weddings and client shoots in the spring. I want my work to resemble what you might see in a movie or on a book cover. I want it to be personal for those in the photographs but also be relatable for someone who might not know the subjects in the photos, but can rather relate to the emotion or the conveyed experience.

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