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Brittany Marie Photography

Brittany Remington
Brittany Marie Photography
Wadsworth, Ohio

Alex is one of my 2017 Senior Models and I just adore her. We live in a small town in Northeast Ohio and one of my greatest struggles is finding new and exciting locations to shoot. Alex requested to shoot at a very popular park in our town (where I took her sister’s senior pictures last year), and I was determined to use this location to the full and to make it look different from the other photographers who shoot here often. And I loved everything about this session because the park gave us so much variety in her images and I was able to shoot as if I was at this spot for the very first time. Her hair, makeup, outfits, and the sunlight was perfection and Alex made my job way too easy, she’s a stunner! By the way, her last outfit in this set is an adorable romper she just picked up when she was in Europe a couple weeks ago! I just love airy, film-inspired images and this session was just so refreshing and fun to create.

BrittanyMariePhotography01 BrittanyMariePhotography02 BrittanyMariePhotography03 BrittanyMariePhotography04 BrittanyMariePhotography05 BrittanyMariePhotography06 BrittanyMariePhotography07 BrittanyMariePhotography08 BrittanyMariePhotography09 BrittanyMariePhotography10 BrittanyMariePhotography11 BrittanyMariePhotography12 BrittanyMariePhotography13 BrittanyMariePhotography14 BrittanyMariePhotography15 BrittanyMariePhotography16 BrittanyMariePhotography17 BrittanyMariePhotography18 BrittanyMariePhotography19 BrittanyMariePhotography20 BrittanyMariePhotography21 BrittanyMariePhotography22 BrittanyMariePhotography23 BrittanyMariePhotography24 BrittanyMariePhotography25 BrittanyMariePhotography26

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