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Brittany Gidley Photography

Brittany Gidley
Brittany Gidley Photography
Cleveland, OH

You know what makes my heart sing?  Warm summer nights, sunshine, and this.  Like most of us photographer mommies, my friend Terra is rarely in front of the lens.  She spends most of her time behind it as a wedding photographer in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her adorable little boy, Dylan, is amazing and they share this really spectacular bond together.  I was invited over for a barbecue on one of those perfect summer evenings.  I packed up a little something I knew she’d look great in and my 5D Mark III.  I wanted to make sure that she never forgets the feeling of holding him in her arms or watching him splash in his favorite place – the river behind his grandparents home.  So when I arrived, I dressed her up and stuck them (and myself!) in the river.  It was wet, really wet, but it was perfect.  To watch them interact so playfully and so lovingly, I knew we were creating something organic and sensational.  Giving these moments to her, to always remind her of the marvelous bond that is between a mother and son, was unbelievable.  I am blessed to be the one to provide that for them.

Brittany Gidley Photography is an award-winning, natural light photography studio.  We specialize in newborn, child, and family photography, offering our clients premium sessions and fine art prints in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond.

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