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Britney Clause Photography

Britney Clause
Britney Clause Photography
Baltimore, ​MD

My name is Britney Clause and I am the owner of Britney Clause Photography, based in Maryland. The style that I have created for my business is romantic, light, and fun. I live for the cheesy jokes that result in a burst of laughter or the sweet whispers that exude love. In my engagement and wedding photos, I want to capture the excitement of the day the couples have for each other.

When my good friends Kerry and Tommy approached me about doing their engagement session, I immediately started jumping for joy. I’ve known these two for years and actually set them up, so this was a dream come true for me! We found the perfect location for their mountain engagement session, which took place at the gorgeous Sugarloaf Mountain. As soon as these two wrapped each other up in their arms, I knew the session was going to be absolutely magical. I cannot begin to imagine the strength of their love in the years to come!

LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_001 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_002 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_003 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_004 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_006 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_007 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_008 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_009 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_010 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_012 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_013 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_014 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_015 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_016 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_018 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_019 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_022 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_023 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_024 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_025 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_026 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_027 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_028 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_029 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_030 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_031 LL_Kerry_Tommy_Engage_Britney_Clause_Photography_032

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