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Brit Nicole Photos

Brittney Jacox
Brit Nicole Photos
South Jordan, UT

Hi, I’m Brittney Jacox. I’m a portrait and lifestyle photographer based out of Utah. You can usually find me editing sessions, while simultaneously watching a chick flick and downing a bag of dark chocolate chips. I started taking photos with the birth of my first son, and became obsessed with everything and anything photography. I have taken every class and seminar that has come my way. I love pushing my creative side, to continue to learn and grow. My passion is fashion shoots. For this Halloween session,  I was able to work with an amazing group of stylists and models to create this quirky and fashionable “Haunted Circus” shoot. I feel that it’s one of those sessions that you can look through multiple times, and still be able to find something different each time you do. It’s eccentric, fun, and just a tad creepy, which all come together for a great Halloween win.

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