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Blue Hour Creative

Dustin + Melissa Leuning
Blue Hour Creative
Sioux Falls, SD

Blue Hour Creative is a husband + wife photography team based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our style is a blend of fine art and lifestyle photography that utilizes natural light to create genuine and heartfelt moments. Our goal is to capture photos that make the viewer feel something.

This session features a beautiful class of 2017 senior, Ember. Ember was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her infectious personality and ability to follow direction are on full display in these portraits. This dreamy shoot took place during golden hour at the beautiful Japanese Gardens and Arrowhead Park.

bluehourcreative-senior-ember-1 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-2 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-3 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-5 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-6 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-7 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-8 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-11 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-12 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-13 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-14 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-17 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-18 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-19 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-20 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-21 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-22 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-23 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-24 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-25 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-26 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-27 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-28 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-29 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-30 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-31 bluehourcreative-senior-ember-32

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