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Bethany Small Photography

Bethany Small
Bethany Small Photography
Rowena Crest, OR

My name is Bethany Small and I photograph weddings and engagement sessions. The shoot I am sharing with you today is from a recent engagement I photographed along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon called Rowena Crest. Both Matt and Kristin have a very fun, upbeat, and adventurous personality, so I found it appropriate to choose a location such as Rowena that represented their personalities.

Rowena felt like another country. Having never traveled to Ireland, I imagine that Rowena comes pretty close to what that might be like! I am so overjoyed that these photos reflect the beauty of the location as well as the love that Matt and Kristin share.

BethanySmall-01 BethanySmall-02 BethanySmall-03 BethanySmall-05 BethanySmall-06 BethanySmall-08 BethanySmall-10 BethanySmall-11 BethanySmall-12 BethanySmall-13 BethanySmall-14 BethanySmall-15 BethanySmall-16 BethanySmall-17 BethanySmall-18 BethanySmall-19 BethanySmall-20 BethanySmall-21 BethanySmall-23 BethanySmall-24 BethanySmall-25 BethanySmall-26 BethanySmall-27 BethanySmall-28 BethanySmall-29 BethanySmall-30 BethanySmall-31 BethanySmall-32

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