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Bethany Sams Photography

Bethany Sams
Bethany Sams Photography
Knoxville, TN

My absolute favorite way to photograph families is in their natural element, whether that be in their home or a favorite location of theirs. There is just something so intimate about photographing newborns at home with their family and getting to sit back and observe them as they interact and connect. That is exactly how I love to photograph families and this newborn session was a personal favorite for me. I love when a family contacts me before hand to say they prefer we do very few posed pictures and really just want me to document them as they are. That was so easy to do at this session. The love they have for one another was so evident when I spent the morning with them, watching them together and capturing all those sweet details of this time for them as a family. Their home also had the perfect combination of beautiful light and calming neutral colors that added to their session’s natural feel.

I am a natural light, lifestyle and portrait photographer living in Knoxville, TN and am completely in love with photographing natural, emotive connections within families including my own.

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