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Beth Ray Photography

Bethzabet Ray (but, everyone calls me Beth)
Beth Ray Photography
Hohenfels, Germany

Hello, my name is Beth Ray. I am a natural light, lifestyle, senior/model photographer. I am currently living in Germany but will soon be making the move to Ft. Benning, GA where I would like to start my dream of having my own little photography business. Julia is an aspiring model that I met in Nuremberg. She attends college at the University of Nuremberg and dreams of someday becoming a photojournalist. A young lady with a variety of interests, she loves boxing, fashion, reading, and modeling. And, of course, she absolutely loves riding her Aprilla scooter around town.

Our shoot took place at the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg which was a major rally point during the Nazi era. To my complete surprise and utter enjoyment,  she arrived at the shoot completely prepared having had her hair and makeup done and looking quite stunning. In addition, she had a bag of goodies that contained all her wardrobe changes, accessories and shoes; which by the way were some of the coolest I’ve seen! I could not believe how amazing she looked on her scooter and I found myself wishing that was me riding around town to shooting locations.

My impression of Julia was that she was a free spirited, loving young woman who is living life to the fullest. She is a total rebel with a fashionista twist. She loves the color black and it shows, as it’s in all of her outfits. I have to admit that she is one of the few people that can pull off that black on black look that I so love. I had a wonderful time photographing Julia and I am very thankful to her for letting me be her photographer and allowing me to capture these moments.

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