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Beauty Revived – Day Three

Jessica Musser
Jessica Musser Photography
Southgate, MI

To be happy is one of life’s greatest gifts. For some of us it is a rather daunting task. Does money make us happy? Does love make us happy? Do material things makes us happy? Usually the answer is no. Imagine the ability to be happy all of the time unless your heart truly, truly feels sad about something.

Hailey is a beautiful 12 year old girl who has William’s Syndrome. William’s syndrome is a developmental disability that affects several parts of the body including the cardiovascular system. It hinders the ability to learn and do everyday tasks. For example, most children are potty trained by age 3. But, because of her syndrome, Hailey did not completely learn until she was 6. Luckily for her, she has a very loving father with tons of patience and a close knit group of friends who help to care for her.

But, it is not all bad for Hailey. They say that affected individuals are among the most outgoing and have engaging personalities, and if you had ever met her you would know this to be true. By the end of our first meeting I was almost in tears because of how happy she truly is. It radiates off of her and makes you happy to be around her. She sees the world purely and enjoys the company of people.

You know what struck me the most about Hailey? THIS LITTLE GIRL KNOWS SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.

You read that right. In a world where we are taught what beauty is supposed to mean, a little girl who is unable to learn and understand those definitions knows that she is beautiful! My heart instantly warmed and my soul was happy when I heard those words come out of her mouth. “This 12 year old girl knows she is beautiful!” I thought to my self “How extraordinary!”

This disease has brought her family many heartaches and has made life a little tougher, but having that little girl in their lives has made it all worth it to them. There is never enough time to be sad because they have Hailey around to keep them happy.

Hailey’s happiness is infectious; it’s inspiring; it’s beautiful; and she knows it.

Jessica Musser is portrait photographer based in Southgate, Michigan. She is a wanderlust with a thirst for life and adventure.

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