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BAF Photography

Beth Ann Fricker
BAF Photography
Belmont, MA

My name is Beth Ann and I am based in Belmont, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.  I love documenting newborn sessions in the family’s home. At this session, big brother was full of energy, but I love how it contrasts with the quiet nature of the newborn.  The parents went with the energy and most of the session was very playful.

BAF Photography_0001 BAF Photography_0002 BAF Photography_0003 BAF Photography_0004 BAF Photography_0005 BAF Photography_0006 BAF Photography_0007 BAF Photography_0008 BAF Photography_0010 BAF Photography_0011 BAF Photography_0012 BAF Photography_0013 BAF Photography_0014 BAF Photography_0015 BAF Photography_0016 BAF Photography_0017 BAF Photography_0018 BAF Photography_0019 BAF Photography_0020 BAF Photography_0021 BAF Photography_0022 BAF Photography_0023 BAF Photography_0024 BAF Photography_0025 BAF Photography_0026 BAF Photography_0027 BAF Photography_0028 BAF Photography_0029 BAF Photography_0030 BAF Photography_0031 BAF Photography_0033

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