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Autumn L. Rudolph Photography

Autumn Rudolph
Autumn L. Rudolph Photography
Seattle, WA

My husband truly saw my photographical talent before I did. I know God put him in my life to open my eyes to my true, artistic passion. He put my first “real” camera in my hands four years ago, and I haven’t put it down since. Nothing makes my heart sing more than boudoir photography. I want to inspire confidence in women through my work, and that is the goal of all of my sessions. I don’t care what size, age, race, or background a woman has – it’s so easy to beat ourselves down and pick out our flaws. I want to lift women up and change their focus to the positive.

This session was a collaboration between myself, Rock Creek Gardens Venue, Kerra Breum of Umbrella Events, and model Heather Ann. I wanted a soft, romantic, bridal-inspired boudoir session that was simplistic and uncomplicated. It all came together in this fabulous session.

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