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Ashley Rae Photography

Ashley Nystrom
Ashley Rae Photography

After waiting a few years before starting a family, my husband and I were on cloud 9 with the decision to start trying for a baby.  That euphoric baby fever quickly turned into doubt, lost hope, and anxiety as we faced a long 2year journey of infertility.  With the help of holistic healing and acupuncture, we finally conceived and we couldn’t be more excited!  The pregnancy aches and pains, stretch marks, and nausea didn’t bother me because I was thrilled to even have the opportunity to be pregnant and hold a life within my body.

When trying for baby number two, we were ready for the infertility emotional roller coaster, but we were pleasantly surprised to get pregnant after 2 months of trying!  Again with the help of holistic healing and acupuncture.  This pregnancy has been a lot more difficult than the first, beginning as twins, we were heartbroken when one of the little heartbeats stopped beating.  We were extremely excited to have a healthy baby still growing strong, but we couldn’t help but mourn the gift that could have been.  It didn’t help to see the lost little life on the screen during each ultrasound.  After the loss of a twin, we then faced a subchorionic hemorrhage which naturally caused anxiety of losing our healthy baby.  Our strong baby held on and the bleeding stopped a little after the first trimester.  A few weeks after the bleeding stopped, my ob found a cervical growth which needed to be removed immediately with the concern of cancer looming above.  Once again our strong growing baby overcame the obstacle of the growth removal and continued to thrive.  The test results showed benign which was a huge relief.  The pregnancy proceeded in constant braxton hicks, low blood pressure, dizzy spells, fainting risks, and even more stretch marks than with my first.  Due to my first baby arriving at 33 weeks, I was considered high risk and had Dr visits weekly.  All of these obstacles once again are worth it, as I am over the moon thrilled that I even have the privilege of carrying another child.  Through these trials, our marriage grows stronger, deeper, and more rich than ever before.  We are so blessed to have our faith and each other to hold onto through whatever life throws at us.  Our first daughter, Marley Rose, is nothing short of ecstatic to be a big sister.  She is frequently talking to my belly, bringing toys up to my belly and introducing them to her sister.  She lists out all of the activities that she can’t wait to introduce her sister to, and all of the fun that they will have.  The love that we have for two precious lives is incredible, and witnessing their bond that is already forming is beyond what we ever dreamed of.

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