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Ashley Porton Photography

Ashley Porton
Ashley Porton Photography
Norman, Oklahoma

I discovered photography during college and before that, I’d never dreamed I’d end up owning my own small business, but I honestly can’t imaging doing anything else now that I’m doing it. I love finding natural and flattering light for photos but I’m also just starting to get into experimenting with lots of different types of lighting. I’m excited to be discovering lots of new shooting techniques this year and my resolution for photography was to be open minded to all things!

This session was a collaboration and it started out with us just wanting to do something with “big hair” but ended up turning into a quite natural shoot. We headed down to the local river that’s covered in sand, and although we ended up with sand in our eyes, mouths and all over our clothes, I think the end result just turned out fabulous! My model was amazing and just so photogenic. I’ve honestly never seen eyes quite so gorgeous! Her sister, Morgan Black with Face On, Face Off Makeup, is also an amazing hair stylist and makeup artist and styled all of the hair and makeup for this shoot.

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