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Ashley Noelle Edwards – Photographer

Ashley Noelle Edwards
Ashley Noelle Edwards – Photographer
Granbury, TX

I have been offering photography to others for two years and due to several kind requests, I have also begun to offer mentoring to other photographers. I am completely self-taught and proud of the progress I have made in finding my own voice in photography. I love working with natural light and am particularly fond of intentionally placing vibrant rainbows (all in-camera) into my images. My style is soft and romantic, and I am always striving to create sessions that are filled with beautiful light, but also have a cinematic feeling when viewed in storytelling sequence.

This wedding photo session is something I have wanted to put together for a while. I grew up in a small town and feel a nostalgic fondness for the idea of a quaint, small town church wedding filled with the warmth of food, love, and southern charm. In styling the bride I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, a bit of Bridget Bardot, and a dash of Scarlet O’Hara.

Jaycee and Payden (a.k.a. Ellen and Henry, per the gorgeous invitations supplied by Life Created) were good enough to model for me, but I knew that it was important to get models that are actually in love. I believe the love they share is evident in the images. I am also excited to say that a couple days after this shoot, Payden proposed to Jaycee and they are getting married for real in October!

Dress: ModCloth
Invitations: Life Created
Floral Design: Ashley Noelle Edwards

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