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Ashley Marston Photography

Ashley Marston
Ashley Marston Photography
Vancouver Island, Canada

This is my sister and my beautiful Nephew.  I was unable to attend the birth of this sweet boy and so I booked a flight as soon as I could, to see them in those first few important postpartum weeks.

My sister lives in interior British Columbia, Canada, in a beautiful little cabin, nestled in the trees. The fire was always warm and every morning we woke to fresh snow.  Nestled in the corner of their home, is this beautiful spot to relax and share her first bath with her newborn son.  I call these Herbal Baths. I use a herb mixture from my local midwives, boil and steep it and then place the ‘tea’ in the bath.  It provides many health benefits for mom and baby and also a soothing aroma.  As my sister submerged him into the water he relaxed, and look up at us with those deep, soulful eyes.  Perfection.
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