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As Ever Photography

Jennifer Corbett
As Ever Photography
Saratoga Springs, UT

Hi!  My name is Jenny and I love to make naturally beautiful, honest images.  It is my hope that my photos reflect true emotion and authentic moments, with a vintage-inspired aesthetic.  I love hearing the stories of my clients and trying to make their sessions personal and meaningful.  It is such an honor to be part of their lives for a few hours and to produce something that will become part of their personal history. I absolutely love working with seniors and I feel it is so important to highlight the natural beauty of a young woman with everything ahead of her. Kaitlyn is such a stunning natural beauty. She is an aspiring artist and poet and is also earning her Associate’s Degree during her senior year of high school. I was really inspired by her enthusiasm for life and learning and experiencing the world.

Hair and Makeup: Brynn Thomas.  Business Locations: Blick Art Materials, Salt Lake City / Central Book Exchange, Salt Lake City / Enliten Bakery & Cafe, Provo.

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